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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Doctor Jones View Post
The problem SR was boring with characters portrayed as boring. Therefore, they could have made up for it with good action and they didn't. And he didn't really punch anyone. I mean he's Superman. Shouldn't he do that sometimes? Not that he intentionally goes out to punch people but geez... people get sick of the lack of a real physical threat. Plus with today's technology, there's so much potential to create some of the best action sequences of all time with this character, yet SR didn't utilize that idea.
Good summation of my thoughts and feelings. I would have been more forgiving of the lack of action if I actually liked any of the characters and the actual villain was compelling in some fashion. Adding action to SR would have still yelled a film that I didn't dig.

Hopefully Superman and Lois are charming in this new feature and the villain is compelling to some degree.

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