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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
Projecting much? I don't need any kind of validation. Nor am I asking for any kind of response in particular. If you read my initial post, you'd see that I would hope this would spark some intelligent discussion. A few people have contributed quite well so far...

I really love your whole, "it is what it is...might as well just bend over and take it." attitude.

What's the point of any thread on these boards? These aren't praise boards. The topics I brought up are just as valid for discussion as "What was Megatron's master plan?", if not more so.
I didn't say you needed validation to dislike it. And no one needs validation to like his movies either. And I'm not asking you to "bend over and take" anything. Dislike them. It's okay.

Bay movies have sexism, racism, jingosim and homophobia. Most agree. That is entertainment. Again, most agree. If you want to discuss why the American mass audience enjoys such enjoyment, then that's a more general discussion for somewhere else. Go talk to your friends about it. Or find a forum about Hollywood films in general.

This is a Transformers forum. And the phenomenon you speak of is not unique to the Transformers films. And definitely not representative of the Transformers franchise.

So, no, this discussion is not as relevant as discussions on character objectives throughout the trilogy.

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