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Default Re: Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington Whitely?

Originally Posted by Cmill216 View Post
Megan Fox is not only more attractive, she's a significantly more believable actress. There was an "earthiness" to her character, a spunk, that Rosie completely lacked. Not to mention, Fox was actually given a sense of character. Her character grew up around cars, fixed cars, and eventually used that skill in a key moment in the final battle of Transformers 1. She wasn't a damsel in distress. Rosie just shows up, gets kidnapped, yet manages to manipulate the villain into the dumbest plot turn of the year.
Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I don't get it why so many are voting Rosie. It's seems the biggest reason is because she's "nice". Like you'd want to give her a cookie and a hug if you ever met her. Sure, she wasn't terrible, especially for her first acting gig, but she was eye-candy personified. She was a model, hired to be a model. The only reason she's even above any of the background hotties, is because she has lines.

And for anyone saying that this relationship felt more real or natural, are you for real? It's as superficial as you can get. She was nothing but T&A, she didn't even have enough of a personality to care about. As I said in the Review Thread, Mikaela was a hands-on girl, with attitude and who got **** done. Carly is pretty. The end.

With all this relationship build-up in the first two Movies, the smart thing to have done, would have been to re-cast Mikaela. Then that smack talk to Megatron would have made a lick of sense, and the Movie wouldn't have regressed into damsel in distress territory with the girlfriend character.
I agree 100%.

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