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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Batman was never high art and Inception isn't great sci-fi. There's not much to Batman other than guy dresses up like bat to fight crazy criminals and there's not much to Inception other than a heist film mixed with reality based dreams. Nolan's films seem tend to make people feel smart with very little actual substance.

Why can't you have a movie about robots with souls fighting, a worker class versus a military class? One type of machine fights for tyranny and the other for freedom. Add a little Ghost in the Shell, cyberpunk and space opera and you could have a great sci-fi trilogy. Why does it have to be mindless and stupid like a Schumacher Batman movie?
Originally Posted by Episode29 View Post
The other two are visual references. In the first, it's the scene depicting Megatron, in jet form, crashing through a high rise. In DotM it's the crumpling of the Chicago tower.

Now, again, those two instances could obviously be waved off as making a mountain out of a molehill. However, it's the method in which Bay frames his shots and depicts the action that's troubling. Obviously, art is open to interpretation, but - for myself, and several others - these two sequences read like very intentional visual allusions. After all, Bay is attempting to sell disaster movie scenarios, and it's a very easy shorthand technique to contrast on-screen catastrophes with real world ones.

Now, I'm not against directors evoking 9/11 in popcorn fare. Spielberg pulled it off extremely well in War of the Worlds, and Danny Boyle with 28 Days Later. It can be done. But there's a crass sensationalism and lack of humanity to Bay's technique that I find distasteful.

As for the shuttle explosion, it may reference an episode of the show, but it's shot eerily similar to the Challenger explosion. I was honestly a bit taken aback when I saw it. Again, it's Bay's approach I take issue with, not the actual act of showing an exploding shuttle.

BINGO BANGO. You guys are speaking my language.

Where's the creativity and heart in these films?

Answer: There isn't any.

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