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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

The wolverine IS going to distance Itself from X-Men Origins;Wolverine.Now from leaked script details nothing In Wolverine IS conterdicted.

It gets more troubling with Deadpool.From Lauren Shuller Donner's own comments they are Ignoring wolverine,and In leaked script mock Deadpool's appearance In Wolverine and Hugh Jackman.Yet It IS being called X-men Originseadpool.Colossus shows up In the script and Xavier Is referenced.So the filmakers themselves to make Deapool part of X-Men film series are saying they are Ignoring Wolverine.

Inless they make X4 It will be up for fans to decide rather they view The Last Stand with First Class,X-Men,and X2.

I am hoping First Class has a commantary where some of the conterdictry things are addressed.

Considering some want First Class to be reboot(which If It were to happen would mean Wolverine would be showing up In sequel) I don't know why Ignoring The Last Stand and Wolverine are mocked.

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