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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by merbass View Post
There is going to be Quadrilogy, but I doubt Origins will be included.

I'm kinda thinking of the Superman films which just released a blu-ray anthology and had that Ultimate collection set a few years ago...even though Returns ignores parts 3 & 4, the Anthology still includes Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & Returns.....

...the Bond films, not sure they did it with Quantum of Solace, but after Casino Royale (which is a reboot), they still did a few complete collections sets with CR plus the what (19-20 films in total?) in a complete set...

...again I enjoyed all the films, but you have to think that Fox is a studio/business,...sales wise X3 and Wolverine were successful, but not as critically regarded,-or as well received from the hardcore fans (which I would like to think of myself as-if hating two films makes me a hardcore fan, then I won't be associated with the term), GA loved them......if they do an "Anthology" (that's what I'll call it for now) set it will include all films...regardless of whats in continuity/canon (again myself, I've enjoyed all the films, and would like to consider them all in canon with one another-I can let go of a few of the more obvious things-Moira)...if your going to contradict things from certain films you might as well do it to all the films, and there are things in FC that can contradict X1-X2)...

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