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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

No Hellion, you're not the only one. My X-Men film collection:

*X-Men (VHS)
*X-Men (DVD)
*X-Men 1.5 (DVD)
*X2 2-disc Collector's Edition (DVD)
*X-Men: The Last Stand Collector's Edition (DVD - Includes book with 3 of Stan Lee's favorite X-Men issues, plus an original Stan Lee comic written for the DVD)
*X-Men: The Last Stand Target Collector's Edition (DVD - Includes Giant Size X-Men #1)
*X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2-disc Collector's Edition (DVD)
*X-Men (UMD for PSP)
*X2 (UMD for PSP)
*X-Men: The Last Stand (UMD for PSP)
*X-Men (2 disc Blu-Ray)
*X2 (2 disc Blu-Ray)
*X-Men: The Last Stand (2 disc Blu-Ray)
*X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2 disc Blu-Ray)

Once I get my new laptop, I will probably also buy the 3 main trilogy films again on DVD, this time the versions with the digital copies. That way I can have all 4 of the movies on the go on either my Windows Phone or my PSP. Hopefully the X-Men: First Class DVD and Blu Ray come with digital copies as well.

I don't have the X-Men Collection DVD that has both X-Men and X2, but I really truly hope that when they do have an anthology release of all the movies, that the packaging is like that. I absolutely loved how it came with a booklet that had every character, and a bit of information about them. I would love to see an anthology release with the 5 movies that has a booklet like that that talks about every character in the series.

And I agree with you as well, I can't bring myself to part with my X-Men DVD's, even tho I have the Blu-Rays now. I love the packaging of them, and I think I have the same attachment to them that you're talking about.

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