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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by Grievous View Post
My response to each of your complaints.

-Sexism: You sound like a women who is sick of seeing girls wear make-up and working out to keep their bodies in shape. Since when are women always the sex objects. Alot of women I bet wish their boyfriends/husbands had a six pack while alot of men wish their girlfriends/wifes had D size breast. It's in human nature to want a mate that appears to be in top shape. What about 007? Sex sells and there is no going around it.
The way Bay treats women like empty sex objects is far different from the Bond girls who are often just as cunning as Bond himself.

-Racism: How come no one is saying that Ironhide is the trigger happy jar head white guy? Who thinks your a wus unless you drive a pickup truck. It's a movie about Robots and action. Not a movie that is trying to give people the wrong message about blacks. If the Autobots were all voice by white people and the Decepticons were all voiced by black people than I would make a case on Racism. But thats not the case is it?
But the movie does send the wrong message about blacks. It lampoons black culture making the two urban robots the but of the joke. Black culture is simply being laughed at. It's completely unnecessary.

-Jingoism: I would rather have a movie were the military is treated like #1 than a movie were they are seen as evil. Our Men and Women in the service should atleast get the respect to not have movies make them out as the bad guys. For real dude you are sounding like a movie is in the wrong if they are not against the military and if so you need your head looked at.
No one is saying the US military should be the villain. But why should a Transformer movie be used as a blatant army recruitment ad? The movie is called Transformers not GI Joe.

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