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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
    1. flag waving: an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions
That's exactly the way the US military is used in Bayformers.

You don't need the military playing such a prominent role in a Transformers movie. The Decepticons have far superior technology so it would make sense if the military allowed the Autobots to be the first line of defense.
Main Entry: jin·go·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈjiŋ-(ˌ)gō-ˌi-zəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1878
: extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy

It's a little more than just putting the military out front. Besides, do you honestly think that the American military would just sit back and let the Autobots handle it? No. I think Bay portrayed them just like they would be. How do I know that? Because they would not have given him so much cooperation if he hadn't.

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