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Default Re: Confused about Megatron's plan

Originally Posted by Longshot777 View Post
Ok, I only saw DOTM once.

Let me get this straight:

So Patrick Dempsey's dad made contact with Soundwave and Laserbeak way before Sam found out about the Transformers yet Soundwave was on part 2 and hasn't told Megatron about Sentinel on the moon.

Unless there are two Soundwaves...1 Sattelite and 1 Mercedes JUST LIKE there were 2 Devastators...1 Tank (Brawl) and 1 Constructicons combine

Or Soundwave probably told Megs off screen but Megs was more concerned with the Fallen's plan. It is plausible.

Also, when Sector 7 found Megatron in 1800s and reversed engineered his tech for our modern technology....making them the top experts on Transformers....YET NO ONE EVER TOLD THEM that there was another Giant Robot on the moon in the 1960s?? Not even Agent Simmons knew about the moon secret.

It is possible that Patrick Dempsey's DAD is way up there in influence that he can start his own rogue operations within the Government helped by Soundwave and Laserbeak to conceal such a Secret Mission to the moon.

But if Patrick Dempsey's Dad has that kind of power and know that a gaint robot was on the moon...SURELY he should've known about Megatron who was trapped in Hoover Dam also.

Yet Soundwave and Laserbeak DID NOT free their master from Hoover Dam OR CONTACT Starscream and the other Decepticons who were looking for Megatron all throughout the first film.

It is possible that Patrick Dempsey's dad has no idea about Sector 7 and their secrets and vice versa.

So ok....All those are possible....BUT I will never BUY that the LAX battle on the first film with all those civilians seeing those Giant Robots.....was totaly concealed by the government saying to the public THAT THOSE GIANT ROBOTS NEVER EXISTED. C'mon!!! That alone messed up ROTF from the get go.
I actually created a thread dedicated to discussing the time line.

Nobody read it though.

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