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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Compelling art, yes, i don't think anyone can deny this. But its not always the most accesable. Wolverine needs to be "mainstream" in a lot of ways.

One reason I was kind of interested in Aronofsky was to see how he would handle a more mainstream movie. Terri Gilliam for example I don't like at all, but Twelve Monkeys I thought was great because it was more toned down than his usual fair.

So for a stand alone film set in Japan I think Aronofsky would no doubt have made something interesting, but depending on the level of control he had it could have been quite awkward and over indulgent. Auteurs directing superhero movies isn't always the best thing. Raimi has gotten a lot of flack for his style with Spider-man and I don't think anyone wants to be reminded about Lee's Hulk movie. It has its fans but most people were very turned off by it.

I am actually surprised that Branagh did such a fluid job with Thor, I thought that movie would have been bogged down by his obvious pretensions but it wasn't at all.

Who knows. but as long as the script is good I have no reason to believe Mangold will do a bad job. His stuff may not be art, but it is decent hollywood fair and 3:10 to Yuma was awesome.

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