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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
I get that he wants the Transformers movies to be taken a little bit more seriously, but in the same vein, you can't get milk from an orange.
Why not?
If we can have movies of substance about people that have evolved to have outlandish superpowers and physical properties, A superman alien that is the last son of his home planet and gets godlike powers from our sun. A teenager gets bitten by a spider and becomes a spiderman. or how about the story of a group of costumed vigilantes along with a man that dies and reconstructs himself to become a naked blue being with godlike powers.
How are these tales, any less outrageous than an alien race of sentient machines that battle over our planets resources and protection?

If the director takes the source material seriously, constructs it with a degree of respect and treats the audience accordingly. then there is no reason why a Transformers film cannot be an epic scifi blockbuster that doesnt insult ones intelligence.

The 1st TF film. despite its flaws and "Bayisms" might not've had much substance. but at least it had some heart and had that sense of awe. The basic premise had been established. then Bay ruins it with juvenile shenanigans, and pisses on the personalities and depth of the title characters and the primary themes of the decades of source material that had transcended its "toyline" origins.

The "ultimate doom" storyline that DOTM took inspiration from couldve been handled so much better. and the title characters. Man did they get bastardized. The film series started off with promise. but now that it is all said and done, its Transformers in name only.
Bayformers really is a fitting title.

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