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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

I agree that with Aronofsky there was an obvious chance for greatness, but I find some directors to be a little too set in their own ways and opinions about things and I thought that there was an equal chance of getting something so muddled and odd that it wouldn't have worked well with audiences and only the most diehard of wolverine fans would have eaten it up.

This would of course kind of be okay since this is to be a stand alone film whose success is kind of moot since there would be no direct followup. And there have already been four movies heavily featuring wolverine.

I personally don't really care for wolverine as a stand alone character though. I don't like brooders. So me debating this is kind of pointless, I just think that Mangold is a decent enough director and doesn't deserve to be scoffed at like some people were doing. But other people share this opinion already so I don't need to push it further.

I agree that Thor, like Iron man 2 was a little divided by all the Avengers set up. Not as bad though.

and I have seen Brazil, I have seen nearly all of Gilliam's movies as I kept trying to give him a chance since he was so critically praised. But I do not enjoy his work. He relegates very gifted actors to props for his overly cluttered composition and while most of his movies like Brazil start off strong (the satirical first half is brilliant) he tends to lose any and all humanity by painstakingly trying to control everything. I remember one actor saying that he was much more concerned with a rat running in a wheel somewhere in the background than the actor who was having an emotional scene.

This is the problem I have with artistic diretors being given too much control sometimes, and with the title being "The" wolverine, I just though there was a significant chance for the director to bring too much of his own sensibilities to the table rather than paying attention to the character. Title just sounded a bit pretentious to me.But I have not seen more than two of Aronofsky's movies so I can't judge him to harshly. I was at the very least curious to see what he would do.

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