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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by sto_vo_kor_2000 View Post
Based on the fact that when he had the chance he didnt take it.
Because someone got in the way.

Based on the fact that he didnt lkill a single Decepticon on his run to Megatron.
Which tells us that Decepticons are tough bastards (Joker Immunity's a *****), not that Optimus wasn't trying to kill them. Putting aside the fact that even the softest lovetap amounted to a lethat hit in TFTM for some reason, those weren't exactly Kira Yamato-shots Prime was taking (except for the ones he ran over in truck form). Are you saying that he can order his men to kill, but can't have the conviction to carry through himself?

Based on all the times he had the same chance and still didnt follow trew.
Optimus pretty much said that time it was for real, and TFTM was as final a stage to do it.

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