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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by sto_vo_kor_2000 View Post
I suggest you rewatch the film.

Prime had close to 1/2 a minute [23 seconds to be exact] from the time he grabed his gun to the time Hotrod interfered.
He picked an inappropriate time to chastize Megatron for prostrating himself. How does that change what his intent was, what his men were practically goading him to do?

If somebody interfered when Optimus was going to execute Sentinel, does that mean he wasn't going to kill him?

What itb tells us is that Hasbro didnt want their heros killing anyone.
Trew out the whole film, not a single Decepticon was killed by asn Autobot.
Villains living in spite of the heroes' attempts to kill them doesn't change the fact that the heroes WERE going to kill them.

His dialog contradicts his actions.
No, it doesn't.

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