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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

Originally Posted by WarBlade View Post
Please check in with the original fanbase on that assumption, because many of us really hated it.
Reaaaaallllyyyyyyy. I post over at, the largest Tranformers messageboard, and also at TFTM2005. The majority of Transformers fans, ya'know the actual ones that have followed the franchise and don't have nostalgia fueled distorted memories of it, actually loved the Bayverse by and large. It's been pretty much the most profitable venture thus far. Your assertion that some dumb, cud chewing public is responsible for this and the other film's remarkable success is well...wrong, I'm sorry. The toys are revered in the forums. Check, they constantly get good reviews. Go to a BotCon. The biggest draw is the movie(s), has been for the past several years. No only people who seem to think the franchise was some brilliant fiction seem to think Bay pissed all over the franchise. You talk to actual faithfuls, who have followed ALL of the series, and the reaction has been quite the opposite.

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