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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by bell110 View Post
Your first problem is how you went about trying to get this discussion started. You think people should be offended by these movies, and if they're not, they're just to stupid to realize they are bing offended.

Yes, I get your point. You see sexism, racism, jingoism, and homophobia in society and you think this movie helps perpetuate it and that offends you. I get your ideology. Myself and other do not see those things in these movies. YOUR problem is that you take that as us not being able to recognize what we are watching on screen. What you see as highly offensive on screen, I see as a trivial matter. Yet your opinion is somehow more valid than mine.

You gave superficial examples to illustrate your point, then when somebody deconstructs your examples you claim it's just an excuse and the person just isn't getting it.

Is there sexism, racism, jingoism, and homophobia in society? Yes, there always will be. Do these films reflect or perpetuate them? I say no. And you haven't made a strong case to the contrary either. All you've given us is your perception, opinions, and feelings.
Thanks. I knew I was being talked about, and was going to say something, but, you did it for me.
Thanks again.

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