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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

I just love how this is the third movie and yet the people who complained about the lame humor and awesome beautiful shots of women in the first two saw this one. Bay gets the last laugh and your money. Thanks for contributing to me and the other Transformer fans getting a sequel. Sorry Vid but if you truly believed in your first post then you shouldnt have seen DOTM. Unless you have never seen a Transformers movie. But Im thinking you have and I dont get that, doesnt seem like the right thing for a person who thinks a franchise is bringing more hate into the world to do. All the things you point out are present in all his movies, they are not in anyway as bad as your making them out to be, but they are present in his films and especially The Transformers movies. Its like someone buying porn then being shocked and disgusted by people having sex in it. I think you just need to stop thinking Michael Bay is a hate endorsing brainwasher in disguise (his movies are not smart enough for that), throw on some Piranah 3D or Machete and enjoy having a good time in the entertainment genre we call exploitation.

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