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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
These things exist in this film (whether you realize it or not) and by virtue of the fact that they are not looked down upon, but rather encouraged as harmless, ignorant fun, they are perpetuated and endorsed. It's just that plain and simple. I can only say the same thing in so many different ways (as myself and others have continuously done throughout this thread).

Also, "deconstruction" is the wrong word to use in this case as that implies the systematic breaking down and analysis of my argument...I am sorry my friend, but this has not been done in this thread at all.

What has been done is the simplistic refutation (to paraphrase): "I don't believe these things exist in these films and you're over-thinking it by trying to investigate them".

My post:

Sexism: Specifically, the objectification of women- Women are trophies to be won or lost. They must always appear sexy and seductive (for all the adolescent boys and peter-pan syndrome boy-men watching).

Your reply:

There is nothing wrong with having sexy and seductive women in the movies. Was the first scene with Rosie necessary? No. Was it awesome? Absolutely.

I am saying, women are objectified and treated as objects...which is plain to see in these movies as Michael Bay practically date-rapes the women with his camera, lingering on needless shots of them bending over cars and full-moon shots which exist for no purpose other than titillation. It's degrading, plain and simple. The women in these films have no personality and are shallow, emotionless husks that exist for the adolescent boys in the audience to drool over.

You are saying, that it's perfectly OK to degrade women because it's awesome and because it serves you.

That's not a deconstruction my friend. That is barely a refutation. You're saying you accept the fact that women are objectified and you're OK with it because she's "hot". The same goes for the rest of your rebuttals.

Anything else?
Again, these are you opinions. It's not "plain and simple". What you see as perpetutating the worst of society, I see a non-issue.

I'll admit, I brushed your sexism complaint aside, but I stand by the other issues. I'll restate these issues.

Sexism - women serve no purpose other than a trophy? No, boy getting the girl is nothing new and doesn't perpetuate sexism. Mikaela served more than just being a prize. She stood up to her jock boyfriend when he called her his bunny. She stood up to a government agent threatening to throw her and her father. She successfully saved Sam from Frenzy. She's knowledgable of cars, definately something that girls are stereotypically ignorant of. Other girls in the franchise: The austrailian chick was a computer expert, the cold shill that was a top ranking government official, even the ****bot's advances were pushed away by Sam. Sure, they looked hot, but there is nothing wrong with that in itself.

Racism - No, almost every character gets treated badly regardless of race. And Epps was one of the few that were treated as a normal human being.

Jingoism - Bay has a military fetish, to be sure, but that does not mean these film are jingoistic. US Government officials served as the biggest ***** in all three movies. Twice, the US wanted to banish the TFs, which turned out to be a stupid move.

Homophobia - There isn't any. The only thing I can think of is that they hinted that Dutch might be gay, but he turned out to be a badass, disarming the Russians and hacking into traffic cameras.

Any issue with characters being one dimensional is a writing issue, not sexism or racism.

You are seeing these thing in these movies and insist that people that don't are just not looking hard enough or are just complacent. That's not the case. It's just that these are you opinions, nothing more. I don't share these opinions because I am not easily offended. I'm a heavy metal fan. People hear my music and only hear screaming and noise. I could say they are just not listening close enough. I, on the other hand, hate country music. All I hear is twang and whining. I don't know your background, but you seem to live in a world were sexism, racism, jingoism, and homophobia are all around you at all times. I don't come from that world.

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