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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

The thing about Nolan is, his movies are fairly straightforward(apart from Memento's structure, lol) in comparison to Darren A's films.
Unlike with Nolan, there is nothing in Darren's portfolio that suggests what his take on a straightforward action movie like 'The Wolverine' would have been like, because, no matter how you slice it, no matter how much you want to bang on about his struggle with the animal within, it will turn out to be a mostly action based film, with a love story at the centre. It is still a mainstream superhero movie, and there is only so much weight it can bear.

Nolan made two studo crime thrillers before Batman, whereas DA likes to make movies that he can lean on heavily with as much art as he can muster, ie real life films that can take their time and have the scope to explore the depths of the human condition.

Nolan's studio films are all pretty mainstream in comparison, so I think the Ang Lee comparison is more apt.
What Ang Lee made the mistake of doing was bringing far too much weight onto the Hulk story than it could bear, and we got a movie that not many people could get involved in as a result.

I don't think that is what would have happened here, I like to think that Darren would have reigned it in, and just made sure he got the best performances out of the actors, got down the striking visuals, and stuck to McQuairrie's script, without altering it to a degree of pretention that could have turned the movie into a bit of a joke, like the Ang Hulk film.

edit: But, y'know, he might have ****ed it up in some way too, we might have got some over ponderous movie with Wolverine sitting around meditating in lotus gardens while going into dream sequences about his animal side, before going into an action scene that is too scared to cut loose for fear of being common. ie it could have been overbearingly smart arse to the point of stupidity, where the artist can't dial back his skillset for the appropriate story, like Ang Hulk, although he did get the action sceens down very well, until he went with the overdone pretention in the finale, and we got a truly wtf motion painting ending in a Hulk movie of all things.

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