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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
Eh. If Requiem For A Dream is an indicator of his other films, then I'll pass on Aronofsky.
That would be a huge mistake

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
But having not seen his other movies, I'll refrain from passing judgment. I just wasn't a fan of that particular movie.
Go out and rent The Wrestler and Black Swan. Both characters in those films are synonymous with Logan's existential condition.

The journey and struggle that he put them on, both characters and actors, would alone make for an amazing Wolverine movie - which I'm pretty sure is why Jackman was so excited about recruiting Darren.

I know you liked Origins, Nell, but its such a misrepresentation of the character. A Wolverine film should be character-driven. Not popcorn-driven.

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