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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
I posted some rough figures over on TFW2005, I use the same name over there, that answer your question.

Based on employment websites and production info on the first two movies, each Transformer costs about $1.5 million per minute of screen time, per animator working on him.

FYI, this would put the budget of a fully CGI movie, somewhere around $200 million plus, per bot, for a two hour film. I doubt any studio would green light that budget.
I never said an outright nothing but Transformers film. The first movie was made for less than these last two, and yet they had more good quality Autobot time. How much you think the flying men cost to do? How much was the destroyed building in Chicago cost to generate, when it could have been used to show one bad ass fight between, say Sideswipe/Dino/Optimus vs Shockwave.

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