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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
I imagine most of us were around 10 or so when TFTM was released. That being said, we all thought it was the most awesome movie ever. As Optimus Prime points out though, it had huge problems. At age 10, we couldn't see them. Now, at 35, we choose not to see them, because when we watch it, or remember it, we're 10 again, and we don't care.
That's ultimately the problem here. People say Bay makes them 'turn off their brain' as a knock against what he made, yet those same people will happily do just that to enjoy an episode of Transformers, specifically G1, which was by and large crap sprinkled with a few tolerable and exciting moments. IMO Bay has some issues, but what he produced was generally on par with the source material. I've always thought his sense of humor was his general drawback. Not being able to distinguish between the humor that is necessary in an action movie to balance the light and dark and the humor that is necessary in The Hangover. Some of Bay's scenes are downright hilarious except they're incredibly awkward because of how out of place they are in the general setting of the movie. For example in Live Free or Die Hard Bruce Willis tells Kevin Smith "how about I beat you to death in your own house". This line is a throwaway piece of dialogue that breaks the tension and gives you a chuckle, but it's perfectly appropriate for his character. In Bayformers you get guy getting tased in the nuts, which is funny, but inappropriate for the setting. You can still add humor to scenes like those but it has to mesh well with the general tone of things around it.

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