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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

Originally Posted by bell110 View Post
It's not nostalgia fueled distorted memories. The cartoons were actually entertaining. How many of those fans just don't want to say anything bad about the franchise? I've seen many fan reviews that you could tell they were tring hard NOT to be critical of these films. I've seen so many reviews that preface their review by saying, "Don't expect oscar worthy material". It's a bad sign when you have to start by saying that because I never expect oscar material in any movie I go see. It only serves as code for "this movie is really crap, but I'm going to like it anyways because it's Transformers".

And I'm not some 80's purist. I also liked Beast Wars, TF: Animated, TF: Prime, and I did like the first movie. I even bough all the toys from the first one. I didn't like, however, TF: Armada and all the other anime crap, Beast Machines, or RotF. is one of the sites I check daily, along with SSH.
Most Transformers fans are critical of G1. Most fans also hate Armada and the very weird Japanese cartoons, so no, it's not that, it's that most Transformers understand that Transformers is not oscar worthy material, and there is no reason to believe everything is or can be. This is why I hate critics, they have no filter usually to distinguish between a film whose goal it is to entertain (or make you laugh, or make you frightened) and those whose goal it is to win oscars. Transformers goal has always been to sell toys, and the fact that you can 'turn off your brain' and enjoy TFTM, which you admit is a shallow little toy commercial, but hold Bay to this extremely high standard is hypocritical. It's a classic fanboy mentality of seeing any change good or bad as an afront to your pet property.

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