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Default Re: TDK's Joker: The best film villain of all time?

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I never got why people are always wanting voice over actors to do the live action versions. Just let it be what it is and enjoy it.
They probably think that a good voice means good acting and that they are magically going to act exactly like the animation.

Originally Posted by Knight Rise View Post
Whatever does happen on that matter, I feel Mark's Joker was more playfully psychotic than Heaths. When I watched TDK, it didnt seem like a Joker having fun or just forming it in a humorus way. I would've loved a laugh when he sat up from the table to attack Gambol. He keeps saying "Why so serious?" when he's actually a serious character...
Joker was having great fun. But things is, Ledger's and Nolan Joker is an approach to the character. I personally think that Hammil's and Nicholson's are closer to the classic old Joker, but's saying nothing bad about Ledger's. He was as Joker as the rest.

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