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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

If Fox IS smart they will go this way after The wolverine.

First up a X-Men First Class sequel set In early 1970's.This would have Magneto begining to attack leading up to first X-Men VS Brotherhood.My suggestion would be add Polaris to Havok,Banshee,and Beast.By end of film Beast could be only X-Man still with Xavier and the brotherhood besides Mystique and Emma could have been killed and Xavier begins to lose hair.

Then do X4/X5.It will most likely be version of Days of Future past.The post credits scene gave then the opening to bring back Xavier.Inless a Superman Returns situation occurs Cyclops won't be In it.Besides Wolverine the lineup will be dependent on who wants to come back(Possible that Ellen Page and Kelsey Grammer would decline) and what other actors would want(Storm could be dropped If Halle Berry asks for too much) Rogue would probally get the major role In a days of future past film.Magneto may not even be In this film.

After that do conclusion of first Class trilogy set In 1980's(This allows james Mcavory,Michael fassbender,Januray Jones,and possibly Rose Bryne to age some more to be more credable in film set 20 years after first Class) and Introduces Teenage Cyclops,Jean Grey,and Storm.Could also show Sabretooth becoming part of Brotherhood and Emma Frost breaking away from Magneto.

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