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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post

Go out and rent The Wrestler and Black Swan. Both characters in those films are synonymous with Logan's existential condition.

The journey and struggle that he put them on, both characters and actors, would alone make for an amazing Wolverine movie - which I'm pretty sure is why Jackman was so excited about recruiting Darren.

I know you liked Origins, Nell, but its such a misrepresentation of the character. A Wolverine film should be character-driven. Not popcorn-driven.
Aye, it is all very well pointing to those films, and saying that he would be a guaranteed shoo in to nail the film, but as I was saying, with these types of films(I have only seen Pi, RFAD, the Fountain and the Wrestler), he does not have to find a balance between that adult, existential tone and the hyper realistic world of mainstream comic book superheroes, with all the restrictions that always apply to these franchise characters.

The Wrestler was like a documentary, and MR's down to Earth performance went a long way in letting us just rest easy and watch a man go through his last days.
An approach that would not work whatsoever in a Wolverine film, not only would DA have his work cut out for him by having such creative avenues cut off from him, but having to deal with the restrictions of having to keep his lead character within the conservative confines of a mainstream franchise that has to include a younger audience.

You might want your 'art house' Wolverine movie, and so do I, but there has to be popcorn moments in there, or else the movie is not doing it's job.
The existential drama can't be too heavy with Wolverine either, let's get real here, the Claremont book is good, but it doesn't go much deeper than a lonely guy with anger management problems, and it can't really because he is a mainstream superhero, and there is restrictions on what you are allowed to do with such a character.
You can't have him doing truly self destructive things like ****ed up human beings do when they are going through a period of losing their minds and identity in their lives, as you would see in a regular DA film, he'd still have to hit this and that hero mark, as they do in all of these mainstream sh flicks.

Sometimes 'necessity is the mother of invention' and all that, but other times when the artist finds himself cut off from his usual avenues of creativity, he ends up making an artistic compromise without meaning to, where the film is neither a great character piece, or popcorn munching mash up of an action film.

Like, DA might have a great idea for what Wolverine would do nest given where his character is at , 'Yeah, he would go nuts here and completely trash the bar, scaring all the patrons..'(or whatever), and then someone steps in from Marvel and say, 'Em, you can't do that, that's kind of like what a super-villan would do, we are in the business of superheroes...' So, DA's ideas are too much for the character to bear and his other idea that fits within the restrictions, is not that great an idea...

I dunno, I'm just hypothesising that there is no guarantee he would have made the great Wolverine movie, he may well might have, but there is nothing in his portfolio to suggest what kind of film he would have made. Some moments in the Wrestler, aye, for sure, but, that was a large canvas upon which to work, no limits, with this type of deal all there are are very strict limits.

Maybe that is what he was starting to feel, and that’s why he walked, and i'm not talking just about studio interferance, but the fact that his usual canvas was going to be very small and with a limited pallette, something he had not dealt with before, and he may well have felt the artistic sensibilities he had developed would have been limited to the point of being negligible.

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