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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

C) Both!

I am for the sequel to First Class. There's a lot of potential now and new energy brought to this franchise. It would be nice to finish the trilogy. They accomplished a lot with the 'prequel' and it would be smart to continue the story. The formation of the X-Men, Cyclops and Jean, Sinister, Mutant Massacre, now that we got Magneto's story develop Xavier's, launch of the Sentinel program, Genosha... are all potential stories that could work in this time-line prior to the darker days of the two X-Men films.

And then I am for X3 and X4 being made simultaneously (after the second class film) and work as legitimate sequels to X2.
X3 would deal with Magneto's last effort to achieve a mutant paradise, also Sentinels could be a part of the film and Bastion, with the Days of Future Past theme. While X4 will continue some of the story from X3 and concentrate on Dark Phoenix saga and Sinister (instead of the Hellfire). Maybe if this franchise survives 4 more films they can make an epic finale with X5 and Apocalypse.


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