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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Originally Posted by akfj View Post
I think you may have misinterpreted Episode29, but I'll leave it up to him to elaborate.

As for whether Aronofsky is capable of toning down his artsier sensibilities, I'm sure he's more than capable. He has expressed an interest in making more mainstream films in the past. He was attached to direct a new RoboCop forever. His next film, Noah, is being pitched as an expensive event film.

I dunno, at this point in the game, I'd rather watch a brilliant and ambitious director tackle a superhero movie and do something interesting than watch another middle-of-the-road effort that hits all the expected beats and doesn't try for anything bold and daring. Even if he failed - like Ang Lee did - his failure would likely be more fascinating and memorable than many of the B-level efforts churned out by safe directors.

Plus, Fox knows fans hate Wolverine. Hugh Jackman knows it. Both adore Aronofsky. They would have been more than open to letting him take chances if they thought he could save the Wolverine franchise.

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