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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

Originally Posted by bell110 View Post
It shouldn't be "on par" with TFTM, let alone worse.

And can you please stop with the Oscar talk. It's a strawman arguement.

Would it be My Little Pony if it were all dark and gothic? Would it be good to turn the Flash into Se7en meets The Matrix (as was suggested)? No! Transformers is a 22 minute toy commercial that is extremely hokey, incredibly nerdy and more than a little silly. I know it must be hard to watch something you thought was brilliant at 10 and realize it was more than a little stupid to an adult but that's life. I would rather have a Transformers movie that...ya'know...seems like Transformers than some brooding, serious, nerd fantasy that tries to turn it into Lord of the Rings. I know fanboys think that fan fiction they write that tries to make Silverhawks seem like The Shawshank Redemption is good, but I'm sorry, it's rubbish and no one wants to see it. Most people who were familiar with Transformers must have liked the movie because, I'm sorry, money talks and these movies made a sh**load of it.

I don't believe you when you say most Transformers fans are critical of the G1 cartoon.
Okay, don't. Generation 1 cartoon is widely regarded as amongst the worst of the fictions, not the best. Heck, most of the plot heavy elements that inform the mythos today like "The Twelve", "Protoforms", "Leige Maximo", and "The Fallen" (not invented by Bay - Simon Furman invented the Fallen) come from the comics, not the cartoon. The cartoon is really a very small piece of the Transformers mythos, and for a film that roughly took most of it's bearings from that cartoon it did a relatively good job of replicating it.
What exactly are you a fan of regarding Transformers? You really do not seem to like them other than Bayformers.
The Toys original. I have a good 300 or so Generation 1 toys (which I may be selling soon), and I liked the cartoons FOR WHAT THEY WERE. Which is ultimately you're problem here, you want the movies to reflect the cartoon yet you simultaneously want them to somehow, by some cosmic black magic, be a super-serious, super-intelligent, super-story telling version of the cartoon which would, in effect, be a poor adaptation of the cartoon. I'm really amused as how you cannot understand how someone without fanboy glasses would view of show or comic about anthropormorphic robots who are caricatures of stereotypical people fighting each other.

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