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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by merced View Post
They take their rights to presumably Marvel/Disney and make a deal with that studio. As you say the heirs have the rights but not the infrastructure/expertise to do films, books, video games and the rest.

It surely looks like WB/DC are not willing to pay a license fee and profitsharing to the heirs.
Not as long as Toberoff has ownership interest in it.

Originally Posted by merced View Post
In that scenario then WB/DC needs to allow the heirs to licsense their rights to others and not simply sue on and on delaying the heir's ability to use the rights and running the clock out on them - all rights go public around 2030.

With a guarantee of no legal attacks by WB I suspect Marvel would sign a deal with the heirs in a NY minute.
And take on a Superman that doesn't fly and can't fight Lex Luthor, etc...unless they pay the ridiculous asking price from WB to use the rest?

Don't hold your breath. I very much doubt Marvel (or anyone) would be willing to develop a character that's been the face of DC comics since the beginning of comics, but is now damaged goods with legal baggage that they'd have to tiptoe around. They don't need that...their characters are already doing fine in theaters, thank you very much.

Don't forget...they'd have to deal with that lawyer/movie-mogul-wannabe too.

Originally Posted by merced View Post
By the same token the heirs need to not sue WB/DC's attempt to create a rebooted new character with the rights DC retains. DC and WB nees to think this out - if there character is basically new then they keep the rights for another 75 years and don't need to worry about 2030.

It's basically a "two state solution".
DC is already showing that they're prepared to at least try going forward with 'the hero formerly known as Superman', especially if Toberoff is a major shareolder of the heirs' 'half'.

But lets say the heirs would want to at least 'entertain' would they do that? They'd need...a lawyer! Their current one has his own entertainment industry aspirations in mind.....and they couldn't afford to pay him in the first place, hence the ownership deal. What else could they offer aside from...the little bit of Superman that they still had? So now you'd have two Toberoffs...probably fighting over what deal to make with who...and the heirs are left at the soup line.

Meanwhile, DC is just moving ahead with their new(-ish) character named The Man Of Steel.

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