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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Genetically predisposed to sign stupid deals.

"...I hearby leave my remarkable lack of financial foresight...and my most prized debts...."

I don't see them as stupid - I just see them as regular folk who got scr**ed by the system.

When Trump built his NJ casino plenty of regular folks, retirees on fixed incomes, lost their homes to eminent domain to allow his project to go forward. So much for private property.

It's sort of the same here.

WB/DC is as bad as Toberoff IMO. They have failed to exploit the franchise for decades now. Superman books are outsold by a host of other DC titles. Titles that get the artists and writers Superman doesn't. The heirs were not happy with that situation.

Or how Superman was in development hell as a film for 16 years prior to SR. In the interim Batman had flopped and DC/WB had swooped in and spent the money to fix the franchise and voila - it's a billion dollar film franchise now.

I mostly have sympathy for the heirs.

I'm not fooled by MOS. WB had to do it or pay the heirs 6 million or so. That is what the heirs got for SR. I believe that figure is quoted in one of Trexler's articles. BTW, their half of the profits being 6 million tells you SR made hardly any profit - though I'm sure there was some cooking of the books by TPTB.

In any case no film would have meant WB would have to pay the heirs another 6 million or so out of their bottom line.

With the film they have a chance of making a small profit net of the fees they will pay the heirs. So WB isn't doing this out of the kindness.... so to speak. IMO.

In fact I think MOS will do a bit better than SR so WB will get a few extra million to play with than it did from SR after paying out the film's and the heirs costs.

That they won't be able to make a sequel doesn't really make a difference to WB. WB should still be net ahead with MOS. It helps them in the PR department with the fans too as the legal battle moves forward over the next years.

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