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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by merced View Post
I don't see them as stupid - I just see them as regular folk who got scr**ed by the system.

WB/DC is as bad as Toberoff IMO. They have failed to exploit the franchise for decades now. Superman books are outsold by a host of other DC titles. Titles that get the artists and writers Superman doesn't. The heirs were not happy with that situation.

Or how Superman was in development hell as a film for 16 years prior to SR. In the interim Batman had flopped and DC/WB had swooped in and spent the money to fix the franchise and voila - it's a billion dollar film franchise now.
Now your just making stuff up. They have failed to exploit the franchise, really?

So they've been content with losing money on the character all these years. Unless theres something wrong with me I remember there being a lois and clark television series, superman the animated series, smallville on tv for 10 seasons, Superman returns and him still being printed in the comics including the New Krypton crossover which was supposed to be his big event and most of all having Jim on the title for 12 issues, grant morisson on all-star, jms on earth one and releasing a hardcover edition. If thats not exploiting the character I don't know what is

You're choosing to ignore things because you don't like the way its turned out. No one can flip a switch and make things successful because every company would be doing it. Batman wasn't a billion dollar franchise before the dark knight which was frankly a fluke do to a host of things. If WB is failing at using superman they must be really dropping the ball with the rest of their characters not named superman and batman.

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