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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
I agree with this part. And honestly, I don't really see how they can "gracefully" continue. If they have to keep making X-Men movies, I'd say just continue from X-Men: First Class. There's 40 years worth of room for them to put stories in, and while they are somewhat limited in what they can do, due to continuity of X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand, I think there are more limits on the series by continuing with an X-Men 4.

I just don't see what's left tho. The role of Mr. Sinister was essentially taken by William Stryker, so bringing him in is a rehash. Apocalypse is rather convoluted, and would have to be extremely toned down to the point that it would probably just piss fans off, the same way the new take on the Phoenix Saga did (personally, I liked the movie's version of Phoenix better than the cartoons / comics version of Phoenix being a space entity). Days of Future Past is probably the best option to continue the series with an X-Men 4, but even that isn't much better. We've seen the Xavier v. Magneto conflict for 4 movies, and a sequel to X-Men: First Class would likely be a rehash of that in some way, considering the final scene of the movie was of Magneto recruiting Emma Frost into his newly formed Brotherhood of Mutants. I'm just not sure what other direction they could go with the franchise from here. There's a reason why I say there's not really much left for the X-Men movies to cover. It's either been covered in one way or another, or would be way too convoluted for a movie that wants to be taken seriously. I think the only things left that have any kind of chance are Days of Future Past, or something else that deals with Sentinels. But even with those, we'd be continuing on without major characters like Cyclops, Xavier, or Jean Grey, and even though the movie hinted at it, I think that a future movie making the cure temporary and bringing back characters like Magneto and Rogue is rather contrived as well. I have my own personal theories as to why Magneto still seems to have his powers without making the cure temporary.
The great thing about FC though is that if they wanted to, they could use it as a reboot. Yes, there were nice nods to the existing films but that doesn't mean they have to stick with them. If they really wanted to make yet another Wolverine-centric movie under the FC universe, they could always invite HJ back. Beyond his and Rebecca's cameos, there really isn't anything that specifically links this to the other movies. And the Erik in the camps opening. They reuse some shots for it but even his mom is a different actress.

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