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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
The great thing about FC though is that if they wanted to, they could use it as a reboot.

This is what they SHOULD do. TPTB at FOX have to realize that they wrote themselves into a dead end with X3 and exhausted that cast/characters/potential stories. They have NO WHERE TO GO with a X4. It's done. But with First Class, they can go ANYWHERE. They can easily neglect/cut ties with the original trilogy (minor/cameo connections) and basically start the series from scratch right here. They can learn from their mistakes. They would still be able to use cyclopes/J Grey/Storm/who ever they want, recast them and insert them in the next film or the one after that. They have so much potential with FC. They could have Fassbender/McAvoy anchor a new series of films for the next decade. All they have to do is say X1-3/Wolverine films are separate and the FC films will be its own thing. Simple as that.

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