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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
hopefulsuicide, hopefully you'll get a great Cyclops role on the final part of this possible new trilogy.

I really really hope so.

Its my main interest about this new trilogy, to see the introduction of Scott, Jean and Ororo and how they meet the rest of the x-men, and watching them in action bigger than ever.
I just don't see how that's going to work, with it not being a reboot.

I mean, I would LOVE too see McAvoys Proffessor X first discover a teenage Scott... But will the try and cast someone who could be passable as James Marsden's younger self? Because if so, he's still gonna be much too short for the role...

And if they do cast him totally independantly of Marsden's portrayal, people will be making jokes about how he shrunk as he got older.

At the end of the day, they just got the character wrong in so many ways. And as long as they continue to tell stories from within that franchise i'm not going to have any faith in them rectifying it.

Originally Posted by magneto23 View Post
This is what they SHOULD do. TPTB at FOX have to realize that they wrote themselves into a dead end with X3 and exhausted that cast/characters/potential stories. They have NO WHERE TO GO with a X4. It's done. But with First Class, they can go ANYWHERE. They can easily neglect/cut ties with the original trilogy (minor/cameo connections) and basically start the series from scratch right here. They can learn from their mistakes. They would still be able to use cyclopes/J Grey/Storm/who ever they want, recast them and insert them in the next film or the one after that. They have so much potential with FC. They could have Fassbender/McAvoy anchor a new series of films for the next decade. All they have to do is say X1-3/Wolverine films are separate and the FC films will be its own thing. Simple as that.
As great as I think that'd be, I think they already made it pretty clear they are stubbornly sticking to their 'prequel not a reboot' idea...

It's ridculous, and I have no idea why they won't just follow the trend (yes, for once I think they should just be sheep) and have let it be a reboot.

But they copied that entire opening sequence with the gate bending from X1. They set up a few bits of plotline so that it would tie in with X1-3 (even if they majorly missed the mark on a few). Not to mention the COMPLETELY pointless but promblematic addition of Wolverine...

Nah they are sticking to their guns for whatever reasons, and I'm gonna be old and grey before I get to see a decent Cyclops.

Fingers crossed for an X-men Evolution style TV Show once their done attempting to drag this franchise out. That'd be fun.

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