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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

People are conventully forgeting that First Class has very strong clues x4Directed by Bryan Singer may be pulling a Superman Returns by completing Ignoring X-Men the Last Stand.This makes more sense that calling first Class a reboot with cameos by Hugh jackman and Rebecca Romijn and using other things from X-Men films(The shot by shot recreation of opening scene,Xavierand Magneto working otgether when Xavier brought together the first group of mutants at the the mansion Is backstory from the films not the comics,getting Mystique's appearance and relationship with Magneto from the films.Having William Stryker's father Is hint at the major role the film gave stryker)a reboot means you are saying the other films never happened.You don't have nodds to them.I don't understand the reasoning some are trying to
use to advocating this.And I hate to tell people this by If Fox did that they
would bring In Wolverine for the sequel.

People are also forgetting that even with The Last Stand In cannon they provided a way for Xavier to be In X4.The post credets scene has Xavier waking up In body which In commantary was explanded as being his brain dead twin Brother.

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