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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

I'd love to see a more noir comic book style take on a Batman movie. Like Adam West's Batman series meets "Sin City". Or a series focusing on Batman raising Dick would be nice. I don't want anymore Batman origin stories. We get it already. I don't think there's any other way to tell it. Have a film where he's already established as the Dark Knight and focus on Bruce adopting and raising a young Dick Grayson while also trying to uncover the reason behind his parents' murder. Make it a mystery kinda flick. You could have the Joker, but don't have him be the main villain. It's been done enough. Maybe have a scene with Batman meeting with him in Arkham for interrogation. Dick would never really have to become Robin actually, just have him trying to help Batman in his Flying Graysons costume and of course get beaten pretty bad. Or they could just adapt "Dark Victory". Robin CAN and MUST be done. He's as vital to Batman as Alfred in my opinion.

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