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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
Man, I did not know about those planned scenes for during the wars, that is really annoying they did not put them in there.
There's a good film buried underneath all the junk they aimed at the kids. We'll probably never see it which is why I'm so adamant about the next film being at least a proper Wolverine movie.

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
On one or two of your points though....Wolverine only thinks the life was not real once he got the revelation, he then finds out from her that she did indeed love him, despite the relationship being set up initially under duress.

and on that note, I don't see why her motivation for betraying Logan was ridiculous, as she was promised her sister's release, as opposed her being killed after being experimented on.

and they did that in the books, gave us the story about Sabretooth killing silver Fox, and then later on revealing that she was not killed at all.
Logan still has plenty of beef with his borther though, he was in on the whole plot to have him experimented on and have his memories wiped to be a weapon for the governbment, and of course we have the scene where ST is actually threatening to kill SF for real, with Snyder not giving a sh** now she has served her purpose. It's her scream that leads Logan back to the lab.
The problem wasn't the actual story. It was the storytelling.

I love the idea of a man betrayed and fooled into becoming a living weapon for the military (Manchurian Candidate being a prime example of how great that kinda story can be).

Kayla's motivations, and Stryker's were what pretty much brought down the house, not to mention how they executed it onscreen.

I woulda been happy with Kayla doing it all for the sake of being bad. Seriously. It woulda been better than "they have my Sister!!!"

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
I agree that the scenes with the farmers are the worst in the film, last time I watched the movie I did my washing during those scenes. They are nigh on unwatchable, that farmer's first rustic utterance of the classic 'Yip!' is the worst 'Yip' i have ever heard in the history of mankind, it is very funny as a result.
The first thing I thought when I saw the Hudsons was "Oh my God. They're really gonna do this. Donner is a producer for Christ's sake!"

If you're gonna make a tribute to his Superman movie, make it good. Or at least don't rip it straight out of the film. The Hudsons were basically Ma and Pa Kent just instead of useful to the story, they were completely irrelevant to the plot.

To make the acquisition of his jacket a big deal in the Wolverine lore made me wanna scream. Its a jacket. Who cares how he got it?

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
There are some very wonky storytelling devices in the film, and massive potential missed, but I can still watch it as half the movie it should have been, like X-Men 3.
I don't think they compare to the first two X-Men films at all though.
and normally I should be watching a Wolverine origins movie every couple of weeks, like i did when i got Batman Begins and Spider-man 1 on dvd, instead of every few months because I have worn out watching the good X-men films, and feel like seeing some more live action X-Men.
It is a movie that pisses me off, but I can still enjoy the good parts of it, as i outlined in the unpopular opinions thread.
All of the stuff with Schreiber was good. They treated his character the best and since the guy's a heck of an actor, he shines despite his terrible surroundings. Creed's arc was handled the way they should have handled Logan's. Proper development and a clear defining motivation for the character.

Logan just wanted peace. He didn't find it. But yet somehow he ended up in Three Mile Island fighting Deadpool WITH HIS BROTHER.

There goes the whole movie. That alone destroys the one thing that made the movie remotely interesting.

Jimmy: "This doesn't change anything between us, Victor. We're done."

Why?????? Who cares anymore? He didn't even kill your girlfriend.

Man, it all just bothers me so much. So much wasted potential.

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