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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Aye, I can see that you are a big Wolverine fan, and also, were one of the few who were defending the Jackman interpretation, in the two good films, in that badass thread.
I thought Origins might have been a return to form as they had hired an art house director, and had great material to draw from, but alas...we got another X-Men 3.

I guess i have just learned not to let it bother me so much somehow, as I know we got two very good ones already, and y'know, back in the late ninties when it was announced they were defo doing a live action X-Men, even though BS was doing it, I did not think we would get such a good live action interpretation, HJ really blew me away.
So, I guess I am still relived and a bit flabbergasted that we did actually get two v good Wolverine films, and I do enjoy his stuff in X-Men 3, he has some great moments, even in that film.

There is hope the next film will be a vast improvement, with McQuarrie doing the scripting, the comic it being based on being great source material, Chris Claremont giving his approval to the script, and Mangold being a solid director, I think we have a good chance of it being as good as the first two films.

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