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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Yeah, see back in the early ninties, they used to run Wolverine stories in Marvel comics Presents...the anthology title, you got the initial introduction to Madripoor there, and Black Shadow/White shadow, both v good Wolverine stories.
But, the rest of the comic was garbage, you were paying full price for 8 pages of Wolverine.

So, when they decided to run the Weapon X story in MCP I got so pissed off I refused to buy the comic anymore, it was an important origin story, and I felt it should have run in the regular monthly, so as a protest I didn't buy the comic, lol, only time I have ever done that.

So, I've still not read it, but from what I understand from references to it in other Wolverine stories, Logan was in an mute animal state during his escape from the facility.
When he encountered the Hudsons in the wilderness he was still in that state, and they nursed him back to a human state of being.

so it was a very different encounter than that of the farmers in XMOW, I don't even equate that sequence with what happened with the Hudsons, it's so different.

and as the Silver fox thing, Nell, if you have not read the classic Wolverine issue 10, I suggest you go out and buy one of the trade paperbacks, the first 16 issues of Wolverine are one of my all time fav runs of any comic book series, this being one of the highlights. and there are many great issues after that, here and there, but those first 16 issues are 100% quality sh storytelling. You need to read those first ten issues of MCP as a prequel though, not totally necesarry , but they are also collected in trade pb.

Anyway....after we got that story told in flashback about Sabretooth and Logan's great rivalry beginning over the death of Silver Fox, it is revealed much later on that it was part of one of the fake memories implanted into Logan, and she is alive and well. So, quite different from the movie plot, but still, similar in the fact that we and Logan are led to believe that ST killed her, and it later turns out not to be the case.

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