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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by merced View Post
And you make my point.

Superman gets an occasional one-shot, limited run which is quite good.

But his regular books, the bread and butter that draws in the guy who buys every month, suck.

Superman hasn't been a top seller in his regular books since the Death of storyline in the mid-90s.

The quality you refer to in Earth One is seen on a regular basis in the ongoing Bat, Flash and GL books.

There is not a big market for Superman's books right now. Why is that?

Superman will be down to 2 regular books with the reboot while Batman and GL are up to 5 or 6 each. It's a defacto admission by DC that Superman doesn't sell. At least that is how I read it.
Do you have proof or are you just claiming he doesnt sell well because you have no interest in buying his comics. I buy superman stuff, i dont buy batman stuff. The GL movie proved that that character doesnt sell well, we'll see if his cartoon is a failure as well. Flash has yet to get a animated movie about him or a feature film, does that mean DC is admitting the flash doesnt sell well?

either way i would argue that all the live action shows and animated movies that WB has made for Superman outweigh the money brought in by comic books, if they felt he wasnt a big draw then why bother even using him, why stick him in front of the JL, why bother making all these dvd titles about him or investing tons of money into tv shows like lois and clark and smallville instead of making a show about the flash or GL or batman. Hell why bother going to court to fight for Superman's rights if hes not worth the investment. Obviously they are making money off of it and demand seems to be high enough because they keep making these flicks. GL hasnt touch tv until a little bit from now with his cartoon and his first movie was a complete failure so that character doesnt seem like it can draw in people. Not sure how lucrative comics are, but i doubt they make more for the studio than the tv shows/animated dvd movies/films. He obviously has a big enough draw for them to keep shelling out animated movies about him and now investing money into another live action pic.

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