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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
I got the CC/FM Japan trade paperback back when I was still at school, about 1990/91, I lent it out though about 15 or so years ago, and never got it back. I read it a lot back then, hell, my friend and I even recorded a song on his dad's home studio called 'Logan' where we came up with a backing track of music, and my friend just read and sang out the first few pages of the story over it, with Logan climbing up that mountain, and amazingly it went perfectly with it, lol.
I need to replace it though, I am dying to read it again.

If you are interested in the comics the movies are based off of though, you need to get a copy of Wolverine no 10, of course it's in the Essentials, but it's also in one of those full colour Wolverine trades. It has the story on the Logan/St/SF thing, and is an all time classic, the moment when Logan confronts ST in the bar is lifted straight from the comic.

edit: i don't recall offahnd what comics the Hudson's story was originally told in, I'm pretty sure it was told in an X-Men comic, it was years before that Weapon X story. I read the gist of it in vol 1 of 'The Wolverine Saga', those prose books with accompaning panels that filled you in on his long history. normally i would have just tracked down the comics, but back in those days they did not have trades for everything and some back isses would have been difficult and expensive to track down, so I just bought that volume to fill in the gaps.
All I know is that in the cartoons, Logan escapes from Weapon X, and is pretty much feral, like you said, and the Hudsons find him and nurse him back to health. Because of their help, he looks towards them and feels them he owes them a debt of gratitude.

Because of that, he lets the husband live when Alpha Flight comes calling to take him back. He does it for her.

I dunno, obviously details are changed, but in spirit, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the same damn story that I knew growing up. That's why I love the movie so much, I thought it captured how I always remembered the movie rather well. Flawed, sure, but still overall a successful translation in my book. I thought it respected both the source material and what was set up in the previous movies rather well.

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