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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by merced View Post
Superman books sell poorly (under 30K/month) because the qualty is poor and has been forever.

Not talking the occasional special, I'm talking the regular books. Heck Superman was missing from one of his titles for a year - Lex basically taking it over. That is what I'm talking about. The quality has not been there for a long time which explains the poor sales figures.

Great sales and good quality like there is with the GL books (he's getting 5 books in the reboot, Superman is reduced to 2) doesn't guarantee a film's sucess as we've just seen. Lots of other factors were going on with that film that hurt it IMO.

Building a foundation of quality work, hopefully Timm's GL will be a hit, is in the long run going to bolster and strengthen a character.
Every comic book title has sold poorly. It depends by a ton of factors that don't have nothing to do with the power of a brand. Spiderman, Batman, Superman etc. periodically have sales slowdown and the entire market has been in crisis since the seventies. The fact that today Green Lantern titles sell more than Superman titles doesn't mean nothing if its brand doesn't generate any profit (and the megaflop of the GL movie proves it).

Despite good sales Marvel was really in trouble, but it was saved by investing on its brands:

Reguarding the power of the Superman brand, only a blind would ignore that despite all it is still one of the most recognizable and profitable brand. From a 2010 analysis:

The survey also helps answer the age old question of who is the ultimate superhero - with 33%, Spiderman netted the title of most valuable superhero of all time, ahead of Superman on 31% with the caped crusader, Batman, on 29%.

It's not a coincidence TDK was the first and only movie able to make more money of Spider-man. SR failed (but it did far better than X-Men: First Class and GL), but we know very well all the flaws of the film.
I don't know if a judge will write the last word on the Superman brand, but you can bet that at WB/DC they will do everything to keep it. IMO they'll make a deal, maybe even after 2013, and the success of MOS will eventually help it.

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