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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
I'm not sure how many people would be interested in a Charles Xavier who isn't played by Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy. The whole idea of his mind moving to another body was such an... OFFENSIVE Deus Ex stretch as it was. Reviving Jean and Cyclops would be horrendous ("lolz jk they din't die afterall"). Storm won't return because wasn't there an issue with HB demanding too much money? I can't really see Anna Paquin reviving her role now that she's got such a good thing going with True Blood. I think Shawn Ashmore would come back, not sure about Ellen Page.

TLS offended so many people, comic fans and ordinary moviegoers alike, that there isn't any X4 they could make after it that would reassure people. They gave themselves a dead end in terms of most of the characters and in terms of the "current timeline" X-Men being entertaining. X-Men: First class did poorly at the box office because ordinary movie goers remembered how bad TLS was (perhaps moreso than Origins). If they are only going to make one non-Wolverine/Deadpool X-Men movie, which makes the most sense: following up a horribly-received movie that killed off 3 of the main characters and prevents Patrick Stewart from reprising his role, or following up a very favorably reviewed preboot that did alright at the box office despite the bare minimum of marketing and truly shameful first-look posters? If they put effort into marketing for FC2 like they have the other movies, I think it would easily surpass The Last Stand's earnings. Heck, I think FC1 will probably end its run just 100M shy of TLS's worldwide tally which is not bad at all considering, again, all the things this movie had working against it (marketing, "unknown" actors, 2 wretched movies that came before it, competing with a summer jampacked with heavy hitters).
XTLS and XO were not up to standard and hated by fans. General people were ok with them. They are not die hard and kept thinking about the movie over and over and keep comparing them to comic books, their own idea etc.

XFC is a good movie. It does not make as much money because simply there are too many interesting movies this summer, period. No one thinks about previous X-men movies anymore except fans who will continue to complain about it for yearsssssss to come.

It's X-men universe. Resurrection and mind swapping are not that big of deal. How many times did these characters die and come back in the comics ?

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