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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

Originally Posted by merbass View Post
XTLS and XO were not up to standard and hated by fans. General people were ok with them. They are not die hard and kept thinking about the movie over and over and keep comparing them to comic books, their own idea etc.

XFC is a good movie. It does not make as much money because simply there are too many interesting movies this summer, period. No one thinks about previous X-men movies anymore except fans who will continue to complain about it for yearsssssss to come.

It's X-men universe. Resurrection and mind swapping are not that big of deal. How many times did these characters die and come back in the comics ?
Untrue. I've never read a single comic book and I hated TLS exclusively for being a terrible movie. My friends have as much experience with comic books as I do and share my dislike of the film. Things like "what's canon" or what X-Men was in it was never a factor for me. I just liked the first two movies. I'd venture that the majority of people who see these movies aren't comic fans. They probably get the gist of the storyline ("it's about mutants") or may have watched one of the old cartoons. But not comic book fans.

To that end, it'd be illogical and frustrating to retcon stuff with resurrection and such. The comics offer multiple simultaneous universes, right? And there must be hundreds or thousands of volumes. There's a lot of time to give resurrection weight and credibility or make a character go on a journey to achieve that power blah blah blah in a comic. But if you have 2 hours to tell a story you can't quite do that. And if you just snap your fingers and go BOOM, mind swapped! or BOOM, resurrected!, death becomes irrelevant. If THAT happens, how can you worry about the characters?

I don't give TLS much thought, it was a terrible movie that I walked out on when I saw it in theatres 5 years ago and that was that. But when presented with the idea that it could have a sequel vs First Class, I just have to say something :P

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