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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
DC long ago decided they would be further challenged over Superman's rights and decided to make the rights-and-costs controlled Batman their centerpiece character. In fact, DC argued during the court case that Superman has lost popularity and therefore value, and that they should have to pay less as a result. Of course Superman lost value-DC tanked him on purpose by making him a Marvel-lite character and Batman's *****.

Clearly Superman's relative value as a franchise has faded over the past years with the rise of Potter, Batman, Spiderman, Star Trek, Ironman and others. I dunno if it even ranks in the top ten commercial franchises anymore.

Didn't WB/DC argue in the trial that it was equal in value to the Conan franchise? I don't know if the court affirmed that valuation but that gives you an idea that WB and DC don't see a lot of value in it. Horn it was I think who said there were questions about the franchies's viability.

Of course WB/DC have an agenda to get the court to place the lowest value possible on the franchise so the payout to the heirs is minimized.

Still, there is no doubt the Superman franchise has lost a lot of it's value.

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