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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
DC long ago decided they would be further challenged over Superman's rights and decided to make the rights-and-costs controlled Batman their centerpiece character. In fact, DC argued during the court case that Superman has lost popularity and therefore value, and that they should have to pay less as a result. Of course Superman lost value-DC tanked him on purpose by making him a Marvel-lite character and Batman's *****.

Yeah, this new revamp will the 5th new origin for Superman since 2000. There is no stability in creative teams or direction. Superman is in Wonder Woman territory at this point-he only has a comic because of his name. As soon as they got some momentum going, they wreck it. And how Elliot S! Maggin or Mark Waid is not the Superman editor is beyond me.
To your point my guess is that even if DC/WB worked out a deal with the heirs they would take a two-track strategy to Superman.

They'd continue with a rebooted version who is not "goody two shoes" so to speak. An in-your-face angsty type of superhero. One they own completely and have the copyright to for 75 years to come.

They'd have a classic Superman line based on the character we know. They'd do specials and produce products but I think even if this is resolved DC/WB would use the classic version less and less and work to build a brand new character.

Agreement with heirs or not, DC/WB and the heirs lose the rights in less than 20 years. I don't see them trying to re-build or heavilly invest in the classic Superman.

It makes sense from a business point of view but, to be sure, not from a fan's point of view.

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