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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

There are plenty of people who dislike Last Stand.At Best we can say It had mixed reaction from People.There are those In the General audence who like It but others don't.Just like some people online need to accept there are people who like the Star Wars Prequels and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull some have to accept there are those who enjoy the Last Stand.I personally consider the Last Stand as worst In the series,and can actully enjoy watching wolverine more.Neither film are anywhere In My oporion close to being In the league as X-Men,X2,and First Class.

The franchise Isn't ending anytime soon.If X4/X5 get beyond the talk they will not be alternate versions of X3.They will almost certainly be based on Days of Future Past.Even If Fox allows Bryan Singer to pull a Superman Returns with The Last Stand(whick they are doing with Wolverine) It's going to be a brand new story set several years later.The advantage of Ignoring the Last Stand Is we could get the lineup that was alive at end of X2 with maybe Gambit being reintroduced.Even If the last Stand remains In conunity with X4 they won't be spending a lot of time be connected to the Last Stand.People also keep forgeting that the post Credits scene of the Last Stand had Xavier waking up In body which according to commantary was his brain dead twin brother.There Is actully precent for this In comics.To survive the Brood Xavier was cloned and his mind placed In clone body.This Is how In the 1980's he regained the ability to walk.The Twin Brother Idea came from when they suddenly In Grant Morrison's regin they had the very contorvleted Twin Sister Idea.

I would prefer the return of the Jedi of X-Men films not be Last Stand.Seeing the Sentinles and several of the characters reunited are other reasons to do It.

I can live with X4 not being made and only having The Wolverine,Deadpool,and First Class sequels to look forward to.I already have three really good films with X-Men,X2 and First Class.If that goes up to 7 I am happy.I have no Intrest In a reboot anytime soon.

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