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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
DC doesn't want Superman to succeed unless they are sure they have total control. Now they they are reinventing him, they have put the best they have (Grant Morrison) on it.

Agree 100%. These are business decisions and good ones. It sucks for the fans but hard to argue with the success of the Batman franchise since they made it their #1. The disastrous failure of the GL movie is what is now keeping Superman as #2.
Yup, finally Superman gets some attention from DC. But there is a method to their "madness".

We don't know if DC is even going to be able to create a totally non-derivative character. Trexler thinks it will be hard.

But DC is moving forward to try to do this.

The alternative - drop the character all together.

I've always considered myself a purist re: Superman but when reality stares you in the face you think a little differently.

At this point I'd rather have a Man of Steel who doesn't wear red undies over his blue tights and isn't aka Clark Kent than DC drop the character altogether.

But that is the choice facing fans. Many fans disagree with me and would rather have Superman disappear rather than have DC create a "derived" character.

MOS is definitely the last classic Superman film. There won't be a sequel because of the legal issues.

But, as you noted re: the GL failure, this new DC character may be given the attention Superman never has in recent decades and may be on the fast track for a movie franchise of his own.

It's all about the bottom line, money. The classic Superman was doomed not only because of the lawsuit but, more significantly, because DC and WB had, under the best of circumstances, only a relative few years to exploit the character. They were never going to invest significant resources into a short term "classic" Superman franchise but rather they will direct the bulk of their resources into the longer term Batman and GL franchises. And others.

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